Personal Shopping



Hassle Free

Armed with your measurements from the strategy step, we select a variety of items that will compliment your existing wardrobe and advance you toward your goals...all before you arrive.

We are dedicated to saving you money whether it means rummaging through the sale racks or putting back that last pair of shoes. If we need to push you, we will, but we're committed to not breaking the bank.

Once you arrive, all you have to do is walk straight to the fitting room. No shopping or sales associates to deal with. And if you really dislike shopping, we can bring everything to your door where you can try it on at your leisure.

I first heard about Joshua from trusted friends of mine last year...I wasn’t disappointed and extremely impressed with his creative abilities. We assembled interchangeable styles that looked and matched my personality and occupation. Surprisingly I didn’t take long to get the right look with minimal cost.
— Andy Goddard, Executive Coaching & Consulting