Fashion: Utility or Decor?

Fashion is a spectrum ranging from utilitarian to decoration; that is from Carhartt work pants to McQueen gowns. I might upset some people with that realization, a construction worker somewhere is probably swearing at being indicted of wearing fashion, but let's not beat around the bush. Somewhere on the spectrum of utility lies every wearable thing every made, and often the more intentionally useless something is, the more "high fashion" it is.


Don't get me wrong, I love Louboutin and Proenza as much as the next guy, 8in platform spikes simply have a limited range of normal wear. Namely this takes place on a runway or walking down 5th to buy more Louboutins.

Somewhere on that spectrum I strike a deal with each of my clients by way of asking them to come to terms with what they want out of their closet. Comfort, style and then price? I'm probably not going to put you in Thom Browne short pants--your ankles would get cold. Style and attention paramount? Cucinelli probably isn't avant-garde enough for you.

My point, and Malcolm Gladwell would be so proud, is that clothes do not exist on a hierarchy. Saint Laurent is not intrinsically better than Dockers, they simply serve a different purpose.