Are You Attractive?

If you're ugly, you won't get far in the world.

There are exceptions, sure, but studies today show us that attractive people have the advantage. It's not that he'll hire you hoping to sleep with you, or even that she'll throw herself at you for flashing the perfect smile; it's in the little things.


I was working with a successful insurance agent recently discussing fitness, symmetry and other things western society denotes as the hallmarks of male appeal. I questioned him on who wants to buy insurance from a guy who looks unhealthy; how reliable is the insurance from a man who may be using it soon himself? 

It's a humorous and poignant reminder of how much perception matters. This is the crux of my job--to enhance your natural assets in culturally appealing ways through simple changes to your wardrobe and styling. If it really is as simple as the perfect suit or training on professional hair and makeup, why wouldn't you give yourself the advantage?

Next Time: What Makes You Attractive?