What Makes You Attractive?

Money? Power? Cup size? No....at least not initially.

The attraction we're talking about is the immediate perception that grabs and compels you to treat someone just a little bit differently. Whether a double-take as she walks by or the inclination to trust him even though he's a stranger, attraction isn't always sexual or even sensual, yet it governs a tremendous amount of human interaction.



Back in the days of old, portly and pasty were desirable. Why? With food in relatively short supply, those who had enough to eat were likely healthy and wealthy. A lighter complexion meant you either had money or a job free from the fields and sun. So wealth and status were goals, and the indicators of success (portly and pasty) made you attractive.

Today not much has changed. Every infomercial purports to help you lose weight and look great: tan, ripped, busty, toned and strong. Our paradigm has simply shifted. The goals are still wealth and status but today that means you have the money to eat healthy and the time to stay fit. Good color come from time spent out of the office and playing outdoors.

So how is this a fashion blog? It's the clothes, the accessories that enhance these perceptions. And they can even help you fake it. Not everyone can see you pull up in your new LaFerrari, but that suit stays with you all day long. So suit up and reap the benefits of being attractive.