Idiot Proof Style

Everyone hates wasting time. Maybe not politicians, but the rest of us want to get on with our day. I'm often told by clients that they want to wear something "easy." There is no time in the morning to hassle with matching colors and textures and patterns....can't you just do it for me?

The answer: Yes.


A lot goes into finding your personal style, buying clothing and getting them fit but, once we're done, the finished product is astonishingly simple. Our last step is to take your new clothes to a photo studio where they are professionally staged in several possible combinations. We'll then give you a hardback book with pictures of your actual clothes, labeled with when and how to wear them. 

-Need a business casual look for Tuesday's brunch? 
-Video conference later that afternoon?
-Black tie Friday Night?
Just flip through a few pages to see your business casual for Tuesday, a matching blazer to add in the afternoon and your formal wear for Friday. It's that easy....Idiot Proof.

So how much time are you spending in your closet deciding what to wear?