How Much is Too Much?

The Monaco yacht show is in full swing here in Port Hercule featuring some of the largest private vessels ever made. From €8M sailboats to the €80M Chopi Chopi megayacht.

But all of these ships really just beg the question--How much is too much?

To the buyer of a Honda certainly a Ferrari looks extravagant--but to that same buyer, did you purchase the Honda new or used? Did you go for the Civic or Accord? At some level, everything is excess depending on your vantage point and, cue the videos of starving African children, I can even make you feel guilty for having running water.

How then do you define excess? It's easy to laugh off the billionaire and his yacht as the prime example, but you really don't need 2 pairs of shoes when much of the world doesn't even have 1. If it's having more than you need, each of us is guilty.

The capitalist is happy to see hundreds of millions spent on luxury goods because of the trickle-down effect to every worker that labored to make them possible.

How about you? How do you define excess and where is your personal line?

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