Afraid to be Beautiful

I am regularly asked, "Is this [outfit] good enough?"

At work or parties and first-time meetings, people are apprehensive to meet an image consultant. They always seem to think I'm secretly judging them, or scrawling their name on some list I'm going to share with the fashion community during the weekly meeting.



This question of "good enough" is troubling because it's rarely an issue of excellence and more often a quest for minimum standards.

I frequently tell our clients if they just want a suit, don't call us.
That's not what we do; our goal is excellence.

There's a social attitude condoning the atrophy of personal appearance, so it's easy to throw on sweats or a Men's Warehouse suit. It takes work to look great every day. But so does getting up early, going to work and paying bills. People are afraid of the work because they don't know what to expect. With personalized style books, closet editing and personal shopping we make the morning routine a breeze, but there has to be a shift from "good enough" as a measure of deficiency to a standard of precision.