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Uniqlo (pronouned YOU-nee-klo) is basically a Japanese version of The Gap producing private label and ultra low cost fashion. The name comes from a contraction of "Unique Clothing Warehouse" and they've been around, in one form or another, since 1949.

Enough with the history and on with why this company is awesome


AIRism is their version of undergarments that are light and airy. They are antimicrobial, stretchy, cool to the touch AND they absorb moisture.
Why do I care?  The V-neck version is low enough to avoid showing under a dress shirt. The moisture wicking keeps my dress shirt dry. And some of the patterns are good enough to wear on their own.

 Premium Down jackets and vests are less than 7oz, easily packable and incredibly light. They also resist moisture and layer very easily. 
Why do I care? I like being warm, but I hate being bulky or heavy. This jacket accomplishes both goals and travels well.

Michael Bastian teamed up with Uniqlo to design a limited run of polo shirts that retail for $20. Yes, $20. And don't be fooled by the price, the shirts are high quality and wear quiet well.
Why do I care?  It's Michael Bastian for $20...what more do you want?

Here are the links to expedite your shopping pleasure:
AIRism: MenWomen
Premium Down: MenWomen
Michael Bastian: Men


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