How to Look Taller - Part 1

Great leaders loom larger than life and women love taller men...Tall, Dark and Handsome as the saying goes.

The top 50 CEOs average just over 6 feet and 71% of women in a recent survey say their ideal partner could be as tall as 6' 6" while the average man still hovers around 5' 10". So how to make up the difference?

There are 3 main ways to look taller. I will outline them in this post and plunge into detail over the next several days.


Color is one of the easiest ways to change the way you look. Solid colors, especially monochromatic colors like gray and black, can help you extend long visual lines. If there is a drastic color change between your shirt and pants it can unnaturally segment your body causing you to look shorter. 



No one really wants to look top heavy or lanky. Creating a balance between torso and legs, together with complimenting colors, can serve to give you a taller silhouette particularly during first impressions. This can include everything from where you wear your pants to the placement of buttons on your blazer.




The most detrimental issue for the majority of men is poor fit. Their clothes sag off of them like hand-me-downs and create the perception they are insignificant. While nothing is further from the truth, the problems with your clothes are almost always seen as problems with you--your clothes aren't too big, rather you're too small.

Joshua DavisComment