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Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. It’s no secret that they buy what they want, when they want it. Those who don’t are probably researching the purchase, saving for it, or just completely unaware that a certain product or fashion even exists. Socks are a great example of an item that every man needs but may find more of a nuisance to buy. When one good pair starts around $30, most men would rather spend that on two fingers of Lagavulin after work. So when he opens your gift—the perfect pair of socks—he will be surprised by a newfound type of luxury and receive the convenience of not having to buy them himself.

Like fine socks, this curated list of timeless items will help you insert a little luxury and convenience into the lives of your important men. To make gift-giving hassle free, here are some highly sought-after items from the most reputable menswear brands in the world. Most men will come to want and value as closet staples anyway, so you can’t go wrong. Several of the categories below are broken into tiers based on budget and, more importantly, the recipient’s personal taste. Use this guide to help you ask the right questions and shop in all the right places.


Socks get a bad rap as gifts – many think they lack thought and character. But that’s just because they’re buying the wrong socks. A good sock is made of wool or long staple cotton with either nylon or silk for strength. A great sock is made of cashmere or something even more luxurious like vicuña or cervelt. Most men these days wear a mid-calf sock but purists – and guys who complain about their socks falling down – will appreciate an old school over-the-calf model. Personally, not having to buy my own socks is a small luxury all its own.


Wigwam Wool $19

Happy Socks Cotton $24

Allen Edmonds Wool $27


Bresciani Wool & Nylon $27

Pantherella Cotton Lisle $30

Mazarin Cashmere & Silk $55


William Abraham Mink Cashmere $160

Mazarin Vicuña $590

William Abraham Cervelt $1,275


More men are ditching the tie at work, so take a quick glance into the closet before you buy. Also, ensure the pattern is wearable without visible writing, monograms, or logos—no one else wants to know or cares about his top tier dad status. Silk ties are great to wear with a suit while wool or cashmere blend ties are a bit more casual and great with separates. A complimentary, but not matching, pocket square always completes the outfit.


Edward Sexton  $120

Drake’s  $175

Ferragamo  $190


Isaia  $230

Kiton  $295

Tie Your Tie  $310


Scarves: the classy, casual alternative to the tie.


Barbour  Wool Cashmere  $68

Paul Smith  Wool  $95

Fumagalli 1891  Wool $125


Drake’s  Cashmere  $415

Burberry  Cashmere  $430

Anderson & Sheppard Cashmere $465


Brunello Cucinelli  Cashmere  $775

Loro Piana  Vicuña  $4,850

Loro Piana  Mink & Vicuña  $10,650


Good shoes are the foundation of a polished man and are necessary for success in life’s important events—job interviews, first dates, weddings, and cocktail or business parties, to name a few. After all, if you give a man the right pair of shoes, he can rule the world, right?


Meermin  $195

Löf & Tung  $325

Cobbler Union  $395


The Armoury  $495

Alden  $550

Crockett & Jones  $660


Edward Green  $1,600+

John Lobb  $1,500+

Berluti  $2,200+


Watches aren’t for telling time—that’s what our phones are for. Watches are, however, a way to accessorize without looking like a dandy—all while saying, “Why yes, I am better than you.” I’m kidding, but only a little. Lots of men like watches because their dad wore one or because they themselves like the idea of passing down a treasured heirloom to the next generation, but many men wear them as status symbols. Even the most understated Jaeger is a nod to the social standing of being able to own a nice watch and having a place to wear it.


Hamilton  Intramatic  $850+

Weiss  Standard Issue Field Watch  $950

Junghans  Max Bill  $965+


Nomos  Metro  $2,500+

Omega  Speedmaster Professional  $5,250

Jaeger-LeCoultre  Reverso  $5,900


Rolex  Cosmograph Daytona  $12,400+

Patek  5146G Annual Calendar  $41,390

A. Lange & Söhne  Datograph Up/Down  $71,600


Most men these days don’t carry around a pen. That’s probably because the de facto office attire of khakis and a golf polo has fewer pockets than slacks and a blazer. Therefore, men who dutifully tote around their own pen probably have strong feeling about Graf v Dupont. All the same, the refinement of a nice pen at your desk can make simple tasks seem a little less mundane. Be sure to keep the limited edition fountain Mont Blanc at home, however. Bringing a nicer pen than your boss sends all the wrong signals.


Lamy  Safari $19+

Pilot  Metropolitan  $23

Caran d’Ache  849 Ballpoint  $33


Kaweco  Brass Sport  $87

Pilot  Vanishing Point  $185

Lamy  ‘2000’  $134+


Dunhill  Sidecar  $420+

Graf von Faber-Castell  Classic  $575

Pelikan  Raden Royal  $2,200

Wallets, Briefcases, Leathergoods

“Be prepared”— a mantra many men seem to take to heart with the physical size of their wallet. The trifold lump isn’t doing his butt any favors, and in an era of Apple Pay and digital wallets, he’s probably safe leaving the Blockbuster membership card at home. Help your man embrace a minimal attitude toward all his daily-use leathers – a few credit cards and some $5s to tip the valet is all he needs. And if he’s still carrying around his laptop charger, buy him a new laptop before checking out the briefcases.



J. Crew  $40

Tanner Goods  $40+

Bellroy  $79


Frank Clegg  $175

Ettinger  $210+

Kreis for Leffot  $295


Jean Rousseau  $695+

G. Lancelot  $1,545

Hermès  $4,150


Tumi  $299

Col. Littleton  $495

Frank Clegg  $600+

Mark Cross  $2,095

Ettinger  $2,530

Valextra  $2,850

G. Lancelot  $5,500

Hermès  $8,450

Ortus for The Armoury  $25,000

Shirts, Jackets, & Sweaters

Shirts, jackets, and other similar items have no place on a gift guide as he should instead be buying them made-to-measure. That being said, there are a few off-the-rack brands that hold up to their made-to-measure peers and some outerwear items aren’t available custom-made. If the recipient of your gift has risen through the ready-to-wear ranks and you want to gift their first custom experience, most brands do a certificate that can be redeemed for the item of their choice. You look thoughtful and they get to be in control—it’s a win-win.


Kamakura Shirts  $89

David Donahue  $135+

The Armoury by Ascot Chang  $250+

100Hands  $400+

Isaia  $445+

Rubinacci  $1,500


Everlane  $100+

Anderson & Sheppard  $335+

Inis Meáin  $387+

Brunello Cucinelli  $975+

Loro Piana  $1,625+


Uniqlo  $50

Herno  $358+

Barbour  $395

Kired  $1,150+

Cesare Attolini  $4,500

Loro Piana  $46,995


I make no claim of being an audiophile, but part of being a man (and a good consultant) is taking the time to understand the tools and toys we use. The way in which he uses headphones will determine the type you buy him—does he listen to podcasts on the go or mix his own tracks at home? The right pair will provide an unmatched auditory experience.


Apple  AirPods  $159

Bose  QC35 II  $350

64 Audio  A/U18 Tzar IEM  $2,999

Home Audio

Audio Technica  ATH-M50x  $149

Denon  AH-D7200  $799

Sennheiser  HD 800 S  $1,699


Beards are fashionable and have been for a while — and any guy that maintains a beard will tell you it’s more work than being clean shaven. Maintaining good, healthy skin is key, but most men don’t even use a lotion with SPF. These products are perfect for a good shave and good skin.


Merkur  34C  $40

iKon  #102 Slant Bar  $89

Above the Tie  Stainless Steel  $148


Omega  20102 Boar  $148

Grooming Co.  Synthetic  $55

Plisson-Joris  White Badger  $165+


Proraso  Sensitive  $10

Tabac  Original Soap  $22

Czech & Speake  No. 88  $117

Sometimes it’s the thought that counts—but sometimes it’s the gift. Getting the right gift makes you look good and helps set your man apart. Whether he’s a CEO or still paying his dues, the gift you give him will help him achieve his goals.

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