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Most people don't think of their clothes as an investment. Admittedly it's hard to find lasting value in shirts and shoes that wear out over time. So instead of thinking about making money, let's concentrate on how a few products can save you money.

Allen Edmonds Shoes  

Allen Edmonds - Vernon

Allen Edmonds - Vernon

Most of my male clients own a pair of Cole Haan dress shoes. It's a pretty affordable shoe at ~$150/pair featuring a Nike Air sole and lasts the average guy about 2 years before they buy another Cole Haan shoe. Compared to the Allen Edmonds shoes, priced from $250+, the Cole Haans seem like a steal until you realize that the average Allen Edmonds shoe lasts about 10 years. In fact a recent client had his shoes 12 years! Let's do some math

-Cole Haan $150/(2 years) x 5 pairs (10 years) = $750
-Allen Edmonds $350/(10 years) x 1 pair (10 Years) = $350

Let's take it a step further. At the end of 10 years, or whenever your AE shoes finally do wear out, the factory will replace the sole, re-cork the footbed, re dye and stretch the leather and more. It's called recrafting and it's only $125. That's right...they make your shoes new again for less than the cost of your 6th pair of Cole Haans. 

That's the objective cost, now for the subjective cost. Remember how ugly Birkenstocks were? But remember how comfortable they were? That's the best way I can describe the inside of your Allen Edmonds. Great style starts from your feet--if your feet hurt, your lower back is going to hurt, then you slump and I can't do anything for you, not to mention the medical problems you'll incur. Investing in a pair of shoes that both look great and help you feel great is invaluable.

Three things you'll need to get the most out of your shoes: 
-Cedar Shoe Trees $13, Antimicrobial and Moisture Wicking
-Rubber Taps $2, Protects Your Heel
-Rubber Protective Forward Sole $10, Protects Your Sole