Invisible Undershirt from Sloane Men

PSA: Nude-colored undershirts are invisible through your outer shirt. (Just in case you didn't know.)

This isn't ground breaking...women have stacks of nude shirts in their closets and yet it has remained commonplace in men's fashion to have unsightly neck and arm lines visible through a white dress shirt.  So someone finally stepped up to address the problem.


Sloane Men, through a Kickstarter campaign, has released a nearly perfect undershirt.
-3 Different skin tones to choose from
-Deep V-neck so it won't show even when your collar is open
-Longer sleeves don't bunch in your armpit
-Hide hair so it doesn't poke through your shirt
-Siro Micro Modal and Spandex (luxurious and comfortable)


Actually, this shirt is only $30 and I would considered wearing a solid black variation as a regular t-shirt it's so comfortable. I've purchased plenty of high-end modal fabric shirts from the likes of Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni, yet nothing comes close to the quality of the Sloane Men product.  

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Joshua DavisComment